General Information About our ORHL Program (Warlords Hockey)

PrintGeneral Information About our ORHL Program


Motivational Coaching (Non-Parent where possible)

12+ Hours Professional Power-skating

No releases from other organizations required

No address borders

90% weekend hockey - school friendly schedule

5  tournaments/showcases

Ontario registered Non-profit association

Player Fees for 2024-2025: $2500-$3500, that includes a $500 mandatory fundraising fee (please see below)

2024-2025 Season Details

Full ice U9, U11, U13, U15, U16+ (6 2008 allowed), U18

The following is an example of what is included with the team fees.

-40+ Games
-Average 2 1/2 to 3 hours ice per week
-Minimum 15 hours of Power skating  
-Minimum 15 Dryland Sessions            

Home & Away Game Jerseys
Practice Jersey
Team Jacket with Team Logo & Players Number
Sweat shirt, T-shirts, Shorts, Baseball hat, Toque
Helmet stickers and numbers (black helmets preferred)

Cost - $2500 - $3000 *
(non parent coached teams are $3000 - $3500)
Fundraising fee is upfront cost of $500.
*based on full team roster

*As we are non profit any team funds remaining at end of season are refunded to the parents.

Highlights that are unique to the ORHL

-No address boundaries and borders
-No release needed to play
-Full ice U9 program
-Modified body contact in U15 and above 
-School Friendly League - No regular season games scheduled Monday through Thursday eliminating weeknight travel.
-Sanctioned by the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union), based out of the US, the AAU is the largest amateur sports organization in North America with over 700,000 members 

**Copy of birth certificate is required at time of signing**